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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] admon.graphic.width

Hi Steve,
As you noticed, admon.graphic.width is not a parameter.  It is actually the
name of a template mode. That permits each admonition type to have its own
template in that mode to set its width value, on the assumption that custom
graphics may need different widths for different admonitions.  That way  the
stylesheet doesn't need to have 5 parameters.

Regarding the versioning:  yes, the zero version is intended as a test
release to get some air time before the real release that follows shortly
thereafter. It gives us a chance to catch and fix bugs that the release
*introduced*, usually from some glitch in the build process.  People
shouldn't base their production system on a zero release.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
DocBook Consulting

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Steve Whitlatch" <swhitlat@getnet.net>
To: <docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2004 3:56 PM
Subject: [docbook-apps] admon.graphic.width

> Hello,
> Is the admon.graphic.width template meant to be configurable as a
parameter to
> someone creating a DocBook XSL customization layer?
> I see that it appears in ~/html/admon.xsl and in ~/fo/admon.xsl, but I
> see an entry for admon.graphic.width in the HTML Parameter Reference or FO
> Parameter Reference documentation (~/fo/param.xml and ~/html/param.xml).
> Maybe it's not meant to be documented or exposed as a parameter. That is
> I expect, but I'm checking anyway. The DocBook XSL 1.67.0 release notes
> contained mention of it and I'm updating DocBook XSL Configurator to
> the changes.
> Also, is the DocBook XSL distribution still released with version numbers
> major.minor.0 indicating that the release is for testing (zero=testing),
> major.minor.x indicating a bug fix release? Maybe I'm imagining that.
> Thanks,
> Steve Whitlatch

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