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Subject: Re[2]: [docbook-apps] Re: DocBook XSL 1.67.0 released

At 13:44 14/11/2004, techtonik wrote:
>||*()*||    [\..konnichi wa, ogenki desu ka, Dave../]
> >>Sounds reasonable. We also could parametrize whether default style goes
> >>into head or into external CSS stylesheets.
>DP> External only please Jirka. For the cascade?
>DP> Author proposes, user disposes?
>AFAIK you can override embedded stylesheet in the same manner as
>external. Why not to include stylesheet in header in that case?

Provides the cascade. Note also the use of precedence.
The basics are that no matter what the author wants,
if the recipient/reader can't understand it, you're wasting your time.
Hence the reader should always have the final say?

By default, rules in author style sheets have more weight than rules in 
user style sheets. Precedence is reversed, however, for "!important" rules. 
All rules user and author rules have more weight than rules in the UA's 
default style sheet. </quote>

> >>  Having it in head is good for non-chunked output because output is not
> >> depending on any other file. But when doing chunking user must already
> >> cope with set of files so generating external CSS has sense IMHO.
>DP> If I choose not to use an external stylesheet,
>DP> then I would hope to get good, well formed (X)HTML,
>DP> which can be styled by any recipients default stylesheet.
>DP> With no CSS stylesheet, its still good HTML.
>As always, it can be made optional.

I'd prefer that for accessibility reasons, its simply not there.

regards DaveP

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