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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Image and FOP


have you included any image processing jar's in
your classpath ?

AFAIK you need to have JAI or jimi.jar installed,
to have images in your pdf.

Atleast my fop complains about missing support, if I
add an image without the proper jars.

Deepak Shrestha:
> Hi list,
> I have found something strange with FOP 0.20.5. 
> If I put the PNG image( mediaobject > imageobject >
> imagedata ) in a document (single file such as small
> article) it works fine with PDF when processed with
> FOP (even the image scaled through "width" and "depth"
> properties). But image doesn't show up in PDF when
> docbook consists of several file tied together with
> entity references.
> ##################
> eg:
> book
> chap1.xml 
> ..
> ..
> etc.
> ##################
> 1) I tried with same image and all the parameters in
> my "chap1" and tried to process my "book" but this
> time image doesn't show up in PDF.
> 2) I converted the image to JPG (without scaling) and
> refernced it. Now it works.
> By the way I am using saxon and FOP. My question is:
> 1) Is there something wrong with saxon or probably bug
> in FOP?
> Although its perfectly fine for me to include the JPG
> image in my paper, I am just curious about this
> strange behavior.
> Any Clue?
> Thanks in advance.
> Deepak K. Shrestha
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