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Subject: different lang attributes in an article


I did run into a problem with lang attributes when
converting a docbook article to HTML.

The article is written in German language but there a two
abstracts: one in German and the other one in English.

<article lang="de">
      <abstract lang="de">...</abstract>
      <abstract lang="en">...</abstract>

Now, what I expected to see in HTML was:



Nope. What is generated looks like this:



After some trial I found that omitting the explicit language
attribute from the article tag and setting

  <xsl:param name="l10n.gentext.default.language" select="'de'"/>

will produce the desired output in different languages.

But obvious this is not my preferred solution as it requires
to keep the base language information outside of an article.
I'd prefer to keep the language information within each

Is this the intended way docbook xslt 1.66 stylesheets do
work or am I missing something?

Any hints appreciated and thanks in advance.

Bernhard Kohl

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