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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] New error messages when using FOP with docbook-xsl-1.67.0

You're not doing anything wrong. There was a change made for the
1.66.0 release that is causing FOP to emit those messages.

As long as your PDF output looks acceptable to you, you can safely
ignore those messages and any others that FOP emits.

Diane Larin <diane@inro.ca> writes:

> Following the installation of Version 1.67.0 of DocBook XSL stylesheet,
> I get hundreds of a new error message when I generate PDF files using
> Fop.
> [ERROR] property - "show-destination" is not implemented yet.
> I have no idea what is causing these new errors (my source did not
> change). Can I just ignore them? I saw the following answer from
> Bob Stayton to Tristan Fiedler but the error messages were not the same.
> > Regarding the annoying messages about unsupported properties, I'm
> > afraid you will have to just ignore them until FOP's next generation
> > arrives.  No one wants to spend the time making those properties
> > conditional for FOP when they are likely to be supported soon.
> Diane Larin


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