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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: sorting bibliography by authors

Bob Stayton wrote:
> Hi,
> The problem was that your document uses bibliodiv's, and the posted
> customization was sorting biblioentry elements that were directly inside a
> bibliography element.  So you just need to copy the bibliodiv template from
> fo/biblio.xsl to your customization layer and change the xsl:apply-templates
> to:
>    <xsl:apply-templates>
>       <xsl:sort select=".//surname"/>
>     </xsl:apply-templates>

Thanks I got it sorted by authors surname, however there are similar
  authors with different dates, can I sort it by date too after surname?
By the way what is that ".//surname" means? I tried to put another line
after that to sort by date like

        <xsl:sort select=".//surname"/>
        <xsl:sort select=".//pubdate"/>

but sorting by date didn't work. Sorry If I am asking really stupid
question. :-)

Yoshihiro Toda wrote:
> Hi, Deepak.  Try these templates.

Sorry Yoshihiro, I forgot to mention that I used biblioentry inside
bibliodiv. Thanks for your help too.

Deepak K. Shrestha

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