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Subject: List of figures


I asked for assistence to put the list of figures at the end of a 
chunked html book.
Unfortunately, I've got no answer in this group. Inapprehensible
because it seems to me that my problem is not exceptional. Is there
anybody out there who has ever seen a book with the list of figures on
the first site? So why is there no solution to fix that?
I'm arriving to the conclusion that docbook sucks. Take a look at the
converting of the tag acronym for example. Did they ever note that
there exists a tag acronym in html and that this should be used to
ensure access for disabled people? Have they ever heard that there
exists a title attribute? Isn't it awful to use crutches like
attribute condition instead?

But worst there is no help from the docbbook group and even Norman W.
didn't give any response to the list of figure problem. Either he
can't overlook over his own code anymore or he is unhelpful. In the
last case it must be very time-consuming to give a hint which template
should be modified.
I'm really disappointed :-((.


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