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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Bug in XSL Stylesheets concerning relative image paths


Georges Schmitz <georges.schmitz@heitec.de> writes:

> Bob Stayton wrote:
> >Actually, I heard about this problem on Monday and checked in a fix for
> >it on Tuesday.  The fix will be in the next distro, or you can try out
> >the snapshot distribution.
> >
> Thanks for your prompt reaction. Actually I see myself not capable of
> getting the stylesheets running (I checked them out from CVS). I see
> there are some xweb's to be tangled and so on, but I'm running windows
> and it is not that straightforward to get all the components into the
> required formats to run successfully xsl. I guess, I will have to wait
> for the next distro.
> Or do you mean something special with "snapshot distribution" (different
> from CVS)?
> Regards,
> Georges


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