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Subject: Re: <graphic> scaling

> * Bob Stayton <obof@fntruvyy.arg> [2004-11-24 01:48:36 -0800]:
> If you are not using FOP, then you can use these two attributes on
> your imagedata element to achieve what you want:
> width="100%"
> scalefit="1"
> These attributes mean the viewport for displaying the graphic should
> be 100% of the available width, and the graphic should be scaled to
> fit that viewport.

Thanks, indeed, this is precisely _what I asked for_,
although not quite what I turned out to _want_. :-)

I want the pictures to be take 100% when that requires _shrinking_ of
the image, but not when that requires _stretching_ it.
E.g., when the image is huge, I want it shrunk to fit into the viewport,
but when it is small, I want it to be displayed as is.

> If you are using FOP, then I don't know of any combination of
> attributes that will scale to fit. The current version of FOP does not
> support the content-width property, which is where the scale-to-fit
> value would go.

Even if FOP does not support that yet, does DocBook FO stylesheets
produce content-width properties?

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