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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] admon.graphics size when using xep

Thank you Bob,

> The admonition graphics are also being displayed at their "correct" size,
> that is, the size the stylesheet specifies.  The size of admon graphics is
> controlled by a template mode that sets the default size to 36pt.  You can
> reset it to 12 pt with the following customization:
> <xsl:template match="*" mode="admon.graphic.width">12pt</xsl:template>
> By using a mode, you can specify different widths for different admonitions.

It works perfectly. One more question. When I am using XEP, I have the 
following warning message for each admonition:

[warning] Attribute 'src' cannot have a value of "../images/warning.png": should be 
either 'inherit' or a URI: src="url(...)".

However, the output is OK. Is there something that I can change at the
source or stylesheet level in order to get rid of these messages?

I am using XEP 4.0 build 20041118 (trial version), xml-dtd-4.4CR2 and

Diane Larin

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