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Subject: DocBook XSL 1.67.2 released

Version 1.67.2 of the DocBook XSL stylesheets is now available for 
download from the DocBook SourceForge site:


This is a bug-fix update to the 1.67.1 release, which in turn was
a bug-fix update to the 1.67.0 release that also addeds a few new
features. Details:

Release 1.67.2

This release fixes a table bug introduced in the 1.67.1 release.

Release 1.67.1

This release includes a number of bug fixes; for details, see the WhatsNew

The following lists provide details about API and feature changes.


  * Tables: Inherited cell properties are now passed to the
    table.cell.properties template so they can be overridden by a

  * Tables: Added support for bgcolor PI on table row element.

  * TOCs: Added new parameter simplesect.in.toc; default value of 0 causes
    simplesect to be omitted from TOCs; to cause simplesect to be included in
    TOCs, you must set the value of simplesect.in.toc to 1.Comment from Norm:

        Simplesect elements aren't supposed to appear in the ToC at all... The
        use case for simplesect is when, for example, every chapter in a book
        ends with "Exercises" or "For More Information" sections and you don't
        want those to appear in the ToC.

  * Sections: Reverted change that caused a variable reference to be used in a
    template match and rewrote code to preserve intended semantics.

  * Lists: Added workaround to prevent "* 0.60 + 1em" garbage in list output
    from PassiveTeX

  * Moved the literal attributes from component.title to the
    component.title.properties attribute-set so they can be customized.

  * Lists: Added glossdef's first para to special handling in


  * TOCs: Added new parameter simplesect.in.toc; for details, see the list of
    FO changes for this release.

  * Indexing: Added new parameter index.prefer.titleabbrev; when set to 1,
    index references will use titleabbrev instead of title when available.


  * Added support for generating windows-1252-encoded output using Saxon; for
    more details, see the list of XSL Java extensions changes for this release.

man pages

  * Replaced named/numeric character-entity references for non-breaking space
    with groff equivalent (backslash-tilde).

XSL Java extensions

  * Saxon extensions: Added the Windows1252 class. It extends Saxon 6.5.x with
    the windows-1252 character set, which is particularly useful when
    generating HTML Help for Western European Languages (code from Pontus
    Haglund and contributed to the DocBook community by Sectra AB, Sweden).

    To use:

     1. Make sure that the Saxon 6.5.x jar file and the jar file for the
        DocBook XSL Java extensions are in your CLASSPATH

     2. Create a DocBook XSL customization layer -- a file named
        mystylesheet.xsl or whatever -- that, at a minimum, contains the

            <xsl:import href="http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/htmlhelp/htmlhelp.xsl"/>
            <xsl:output method="html" encoding="WINDOWS-1252" indent="no"/>
            <xsl:param name="htmlhelp.encoding" select="WINDOWS-1252"></xsl:param>
            <xsl:param name="chunker.output.encoding" select="WINDOWS-1252"></xsl:param>
            <xsl:param name="saxon.character.representation" select="native"></xsl:param>

        Invoke Saxon with the encoding.windows-1252 Java system property set to
        com.nwalsh.saxon.Windows1252; for example

          java ¥
            -Dencoding.windows-1252=com.nwalsh.saxon.Windows1252 ¥
          com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet ¥
          mydoc.xml mystylesheet.xsl

        Or, for a more complete "real world" case showing other options you'll
        typically want to use:

          java ¥
            -Dencoding.windows-1252=com.nwalsh.saxon.Windows1252 ¥
            -Djavax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory=org.apache.xerces.jaxp.DocumentBuilderFactoryImpl ¥
            -Djavax.xml.parsers.SAXParserFactory=org.apache.xerces.jaxp.SAXParserFactoryImpl ¥
            -Djavax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory=com.icl.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl ¥
          com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet ¥
            -x org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.ResolvingXMLReader ¥
            -y org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.ResolvingXMLReader ¥
            -r org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.CatalogResolver ¥
          mydoc.xml mystylesheet.xsl

        In both cases, the "mystylesheet.xsl" file should be a DocBook
        customization layer containing the parameters show in step 2.

  * Saxon extensions: Removed Saxon 8 extensions from release package


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