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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Fop customizations: bookmarks, toc, chapter titles

Hello Michèle,

> I wonder if I must really copy the whole titlepage.template.xml before
> customizing it, or if it is sufficient to copy the parts I've changed.

I don't know much about docbook but in xslt it is sufficient if you copy
only the templates you want to overwrite. Important is that you have an
import (<xsl:import) of the xslt-file you want to overwrite.
If you only like to add some stuff to a template you can furthermore
import the content of the source.
You want add some stuff to a template called bla. Then you could do
something like
<xsl:template match="bla">
your stuff

> 1 - The first bookmark points to page 3 of the book, a blank page, not
> to the book cover. I'm unable to find what I've done wrong to get this
> behaviour.

I'm not using fo. The result was not acceptable for me.
You should take a look at the db2latex Stylesheets. They convert your
docbook-code to latex which you can convert with pdf2latex to PDF. The
result is quite good and it is easy to  customise.

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