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Subject: resolving catalogs on Windows

It really doesn't seem to be easy to get a catalog system running on 
Windows. I studied the instructions of Bob's DocBook guide (which look 
very detailed to me) and attempted to get whole thing running with saxon 
or xsltproc.

I use saxon  with the -u switch,  -Dxml.catalog.prefer='public' and the 
resolver.jar from the 2.6.2 distro of xerces (should be recent enough?). 
In my catalog (D:/DocBook/catalog.xml) I've set "file:///d:/DocBook/" as 
xml:base. The DocType declaration uses no relative system identifier.

    <!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.2//EN
    <!ENTITY % xinclude SYSTEM "file:///D:/docbook/dtds/xinclude.mod">
    %xinclude; ....

And yes, the resolving process works :-) , but the rest doesn't come to 
a good end :-(


    Processing file://D:/LHM/Doku/Spec/AdminTool/edit/admin.xml
    Loading org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.ResolvingXMLReader
    Building tree for file://D:/LHM/Doku/Spec/AdminTool/edit/admin.xml
    using class com.icl.saxon.tinytree.TinyBuilder
      Failure reading file://D:/LHM/Doku/Spec/AdminTool/edit/admin.xml: D
    Transformation failed: Run-time errors were reported


If I don't use the resolver, my document produces no errors. xmllint too 
doesn't report errors. So what is wrong with the resolver?

(libxslt 10112 was compiled against libxml 20615
libexslt 810 was compiled against libxml 20615)

With xsltproc, the same catalogs are running, and I get but I have 2 
other restrictions:


if I omit the system identifier completely,

    <!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.2//EN"
    <!ENTITY % xinclude SYSTEM "file:///D:/docbook/dtds/xinclude.mod">
    %xinclude; ....

the processor complains about

    admin.xml:6: parser error : SystemLiteral " or ' expected
    admin.xml:6: parser error : SYSTEM or PUBLIC, the URI is missing
    admin.xml:8: parser warning : PEReference: %xinclude; not found

Omitting the system idenitfier is valid, or am I wrong?


it seems, that it is not possible to use spaces in the filenames that 
appear in catalog files. xsltproc *crashes* with the following message 
as last output on the console:

    file:///D:/DocBook/catalog.xml:0: element uri: Catalog error : uri
    entry 'uri' broken ?: file:///C:/Dokumente und

this behavior vanishes, if I make the entry in the catalog file in the 
following style:


But this is not really user friendly; is there an alternative?

Thanks for any advices,

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