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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] htmlhelp version of unicode docbook files

Sebastian Fey wrote:

> Problem 1:
> How do i find a character set that displays all characters we use. (or
> if not possible: as many as possible) 

Use UTF-8.

> Is there a tool that outputs all character-sets containing a set of
> unicode-chars?

You can find this information in Unicode character database at unicode.org.

> Problem 2:
> How can i ensure, that the chosen character set really displays all
> characters correctly?

You can't. You as an author of document can't control fonts installed on 
user machine. HTML Help uses IE as rendering component so you might try 
use downloadable fonts (EOT) to provide all fonts with necessary glyphs 
to users.

> If i dont get errors like:
> "Output character not available in this encoding (decimal 8211)"
> -can i be sure, that all is fine? Or may some characters be corrupt?

Depends on fonts on client machine. For HTML Help that has many internal 
limitations the best you can do is to use UTF-8 for generated HTML 
(chunker.outptut.encoding) and use some windows-125x for project files 
(htmlhelp.encoding). Project files contains only title of document and 
titles of chapters and sections. So if you can find encoding that covers 
all characters used in titles then there is no problem. Otherwise you 
must remove these characters from titles.


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