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Subject: Scaling images via DPI


is there a way to set the size of images relative to their real dpi 
resolution? (I fear there is not :-( )
I have a lot of GUI screenshots in PNG format and in HTML output, I'm 
completely satisfied that the images appear in their original resolution.

But in print output - if I provide no scale or width values - the images 
are scaled to the width of the page by default (at least with FOP). To 
avoid scaling artefacts (and unnecessary manual image analizing work), 
it would be nice, if one could be sure, that the screenshots will always 
be emdeded with say 150dpi in print output, this way suiting well the 
laser printer resolution. I would expect some extension of the 
stylesheets to calculate this dynamically for me :-).

Completely illusory? <http://dict.leo.org/se?p=lURE.&search=illusory>

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