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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] olink: cannot collect ids with Oxygen?

Hello Bob,
hello list,

so silly... I can't believe it...

The German version of Oxygen has the titles "Name" (=name) and "Wert" 
(= value) in this window. In the column "Name" there's an ascending 
"default" called param1, param2, param3 and so on. I took it as a name 
for saving the parameter and gave it in the column "Wert" the complete 
name (e.g. "--stringparam collect.xref.targets="only"). I didn't 
understand that I should split this parameter command...

It is working now and the file target.db looks fine!

Thanks a lot!

Have a nice weekend (I will have for sure ;-)) and best wishes


> Hi Monika,
> I'm not clear on how you are setting the parameter.  I am able to use 
> Oxygen
> 5.0 to set the parameter and run the collection process.  What I did 
> was:
> 1.  Open the XML document.
> 2.  Select Document ->Configure Transformation Scenario
> 3.  New
> 4.  Name it "CollectOnly", and select the html/chunk.xsl stylesheet 
> file or
> your customization.
> 5.  Select the Parameters button.
> 6.  Click New.
> 7. Double-click under Name and type:   collect.xref.targets
> 8. Double-click under Value and type:   only
> 9. OK  OK
> 10. Transform Now
> I get no output in the output window, and in the Warnings window I get
> "Writing target.db for book"
> When you process the document with the olink data, you will also need 
> to set
> the 'target.database.document' parameter, as it is empty by default.
> Bob Stayton
> Sagehill Enterprises
> DocBook Consulting
> bobs@sagehill.net

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