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Subject: Turn Off Generated Text from id attributes

In the HTML output below generated with Saxon & a catalog files, does a 
simple switch exist to get rid of the [Ref2] text which is inserted in 
my HTML output after '<p class="bibliomixed">' ?

DocBook XMLCode :

	<bibliomixed  id="Ref2">
		<bibliomisc>Yochem, J. (2000). Mosaic analysis in 
         elegans</emphasis>. Methods Mol Biol </bibliomisc>

HTML output:

          <div class="bibliomixed"><a name="Ref2"></a><p 
class="bibliomixed">[Ref2]    <<<<<------      I do not want this 
'[Ref2]' text to be generated.
                         <span class="bibliomisc">Yochem, J. (2000). 
Mosaic analysis in <span class="emphasis"><em>Caenorhabditis
                                 elegans</em></span>. Methods Mol Biol 


Thank you,

Tristan J. Fiedler
Postdoctoral Fellow - Stein Lab
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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