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Subject: DocBook blog..


Do anyone know about any blog tools that takes DocBook articles ?
Or some other kind of nice setup that can be used to that effect
I like Norm's setup at http://norman.walsh.name/ but that is not a 
packaged solution and will not be either (that's fine).

I saw some discussion on the WordPress list about a wish to be able to 
export DocBook, but I figure that DocBook is the "larger" format, that 
could be used to generate the html or whatever format is needed. (well 
not dynamically, the xsl processing is a bit demanding)

I have tried to get something to work with some Open Source 
web-application platform but I never got any good solution. (more than a 
proof of concept that dynamical generation was way to slow)

Anyone else that has been contemplating this ? or know of any tools that 
would work without too much development?)


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