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Subject: interesting problem with rtf header and footer

Hello docBook Users and Experts,

Following is an interesting observation and will appreaciate for your suggestion or solution.

Goal: I would like to get a rtf file from a DocBook xml where only the page content will appear and NO page HEADER or FOOTER will be placed in the outputted rtf file.

-- I have customized the ldp.dsl from my specific folder .\docbook-dsssl-1.78\print\ldp.dsl. For example, I disabled the title page, toc and other things those I dont want to appear in the output rtf file. If I open that generated rtf file in my rtf application (e.g. MsWord) seems everything is working. But if the show/hide markup is on then I can see an empty header and footer are added in my output rtf file. Or, if I open that generated rtf file in any text editor I can see there are some header and footer rtf string.

So, my question is how to customize my driver file so that there should be no header or footer (even it is empty) in my generated rtf file?

Looking forward for your valuable comments. Thanks in advance...

Many greetings.....


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