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Subject: DocBook Blog DTD (was Re: DocBook blog..

At 1:42 PM -0500 12/20/04, Norman Walsh wrote:
>/ Fredrik Svensson <fred@ludd.ltu.se> was heard to say:
>| Anyone else that has been contemplating this ? or know of any tools
>| that would work without too much development?)
>I guess I'd look at one of the server side toolkits. Maybe cocoon? Or
>take one of the free blogging frameworks and see if they've got a
>stage in the publication pipeline where you can insert an XSLT
>transformation to generate the HTML. Good luck!

I've got a proof-of-concept working with Blojsom, but it's not worth shoring yet.  (I'll also be posting some Blojsom-related questions to the blojsom-developers list.)

My question for this list is what DTD and/or root element should I use for blog entries?

Options are:

1) Standard DTD, <article> -- This is what my proof-of-concept hack uses.  I post-process the HTML output with a stylesheet that extracts the <div> containing all the article content.

2) WebSite DTD, <webpage> -- Would still need a post-processing stylesheet to removing the HTML/HEAD/BODY stuff.  Are there any advantages to this approach?

3) Some kind of "fragment" DTD, perhaps using <section> as the root element.  Is there any such thing?

A blog entry is typically an HTML fragment since multiple entries can occur on a single page.  In the permalink case there is one entry per page.  In either case it is desirable to use the blog navigation and layout templates, not the full HTML pages generated by the DocBook XSL stylesheets.  (Also, as currently implemented, DocBook blog entries can co-exist with HTML, Textile, etc.)

An additional XSLT stylesheet or some kind of script could be used to take all the blog entries (sections) and put them into a book/article/other.

Thanks in advance,


M. Sean Gilligan                    : 831-466-9788 x11
vBlog Central			    : http://www.vblogcentral.com

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