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Subject: DocBook XML example projects posted. One formatted with FrameMaker 7.0. One formatted with DocBook XSL.

It's been suggested to me that I repost a link to the online
README file I include with my downloadable structured
FrameMaker DocBook XML project.



Apparently, google serves up the text of an old version I
posted here about a year ago (now in the docbook-apps
archives). I was too hard on FrameMaker. I've done a bit
more work with structured FrameMaker and DocBook XML and
revised the earlier text, some, not a lot.

Structured FrameMaker's performance with DocBook XML is not
bad, as I originally described, at least not when I run it
under Windows 2000 Pro; however, it is still very bad when I
run it under Windows 2000 Server (same machine, multiple
operating systems).

Steve Whitlatch

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