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Subject: OT: XSL import precedence

[This is not related directly to the Docbook XSL stylesheets ]

- the DB2LaTeX<XSL stylesheets contain the same template
  "question.answer.label" twice. I consider this as a bug.

- using xsltproc 1.1.8 (Debian unstable) nevertheless works without 
  any problems and generates the expected TeX-file

- xsltproc 1.1.12 (Debian experimental) complains like:

compilation error: file
+line 366 element template
xsl:template: error duplicate name 'question.answer.label'

My question now is, whether the behaviour of the _newer_ xsltproc
version is conformant to the W3C Recommendation "XSL Transformations
(XSLT) 16 November 1999" XSL Transformations (XSLT) Version 1.0?

mw@miwie.in-berlin.de                              http://www.miwie.org

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