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Subject: About callout icons


I sure I don't interstand how use callout graphics with images.

Is MediaObjectCO used to place callout icon over the imagedata ?

For exemple over a map picture (the town where I live) placing (1) over
my house and (2) over the church.

If it's possible, I suppose the secret in in the area corrds parameters.
But how it works ?

I have something like that :

                    <imagedata fileref="images/Map.jpg" id="Map"/>
                <area coords="40 62" id="house" units="other"/>
                <area coords="200 200" id="church" units="other"/>
        <callout arearefs="house">My House</callout>
        <callout arearefs="church">The church</callout>
The only result I can have is the calloutlist. Nothing over the image.

Thanks again in advance,

 C'est tout pour aujourd'hui !

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