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Subject: jdk 1.5 and docbook xsl

Hi, I try to use the latest docbook distribution with the latest sun jdk 
and got an error while compiling the stylesheet saying, in french, that the 
compiled stylesheet can not be loaded (translet class problem).

In french :
(Emplacement inconnu de l'erreur)Erreur XSLT 
(javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException): Chargement 
impossible de la classe translet 'db2html'.

Any idea on how to solve this ? I'm not endorsing anything ...

Thanks for any help, pierre

Pierre Attar (mailto:pat@tireme.fr)
Consultant en informatique documentaire XML
Consultant in Structured Document engineering

Projet "Mutualiser l'effort de montée en compétences sur XML"

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