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Subject: ooo2dbk : From OpenOffice.org to DocBook

Hi all,

Just few words to let you know that ooo2dbk has been released under free 

ooo2dbk is a tool allowing the transformation of OpenOffice.org 
documents to docbook. Based on Eric Bellot's work, it has been widely 
extended and allow enhanced export


Supporting XML docBook V4.3, it allows to generate both article and book 
A lot of features are available such as handling preface and appendix 
elements, metadatas as OOo user fields aso

ooo2dbk is an independant script allowing then batch processing of 
OpenOffice.org documents

Feel free to give it a try
Any feedback is welcomed

Best Regards

Laurent Godard

Laurent Godard <lgodard@indesko.com> - Ingénierie OpenOffice.org
Indesko >> http://www.indesko.com
Nuxeo CPS >> http://www.nuxeo.com - http://www.cps-project.org
Livre "Programmation OpenOffice.org", Eyrolles 2004

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