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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Aligning TeX-formulas included as EPS or PNG

On Saturday 22 January 2005 20:34, Steffen Glückselig wrote:
> I'd like to align formulas included as inlinemediaobjects vertically 
> the line of the surrounding text. E.g. formulas with subscript get
> misaligned to the top.
> How could I do this? Is there some automatism, like a script that would 
> this for me?

Hi Steffen,

I discovered this about 3 days ago.
if you use the dbtexmath stuff with dvi2bitmap-0.13b2 : 

given markup like this:

<inlineequation><alt role='tex'>\( (\Matrix{W}_1,\Vector{w}_1)\) </alt>

combined with an appropriate math.xsl customization, can lead to a 
tex math file with the contents:

\noindent\special{dvi2bitmap mark}
\special{dvi2bitmap outputfile equations/2.1-inl-11.png}
\( (\Matrix{W}_1,\Vector{w}_1)\) \newpage

which with a Makefile containing the following


DVIOPT= ${IMAGEFORMAT} --magnification=2 --scale=2 --font-mode=ibmvga \
      --resolution=110 --colors=foreground=50/50/50

latexequations:  tex-math-equations.tex
        -latex tex-math-equations.tex
        ${DVI2BITMAP} ${DVIOPT} --verbose=quiet --query=bitmaps 
tex-math-inlines | \
        awk '{printf "img[src=\"%s\"] 
{margin-bottom:%dpx;}\n",$$2,$$6-$$4}' > \

then include the inline-equations.css as an extra stylesheet for your 

Thats the general idea anyway.
cool or what?

hope it helps

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