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Subject: docbook toolchain was: Aligning TeX-formulas included as EPS or PNG


> I discovered this about 3 days ago.
> if you use the dbtexmath stuff with dvi2bitmap-0.13b2 :

> Thats the general idea anyway.
> cool or what?

My targeted output format is pdf. The one of the solution you describe is
Your hint to dbtexmath led me to
So I'll try passivetex fearing that it will not deal with my SVGs, though.

Generally, what really disturbs me with the docbook toolchains I've put
together is that I could not find one that would let me
   - produce high quality output with the features I am looking for
(footnotes, bibliography, index) AND
   - easy integration of formulas AND
   - support of SVG (transparency)

XEP supports all but the second. FOP does none really good. LaTeX
(db2latex) does not do the SVG-stuff.
Or did I overlook something?

best regards

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