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Subject: Website olink database problem


I am trying out Website for the first time, and have a problem with  
getting the olink mechanism to work.

I am creating olinks of the form:

      <olink targetdoc="home" targetptr="home"/>

I have set the collect.xref.targets parameter:

     <xsl:param name="collect.xref.targets" select="'yes'"/>

Building the autolayout.xml file works OK, and I get what seems to be a  
reasonable website.database.xml file.

Building the final output gives errors of the form:

     Olink error: targetptr "home" not found for targetdoc "home".
     details: targetptr "home" not found for website targetdoc "home".

The database file includes the line:

     <document targetdoc="home" baseuri="index.html"><div  
element="webpage" href="#home" number="" targetptr="home"><ttl>Welcome  
to Website</ttl><xreftext>Welcome to Website</xreftext><obj  
element="para" href="#para-first" number=""  

I am using xsl stylesheets version 1.67.2, Website 2.5.1, xsltproc  
built with libxml2 version 2.6.15 and libxslt version 1.1.12.

Any thoughts?


Best wishes,


Nick Hunt

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