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Subject: Re: page-specific footer for chunked output

Hi Bob
thanks a lot for your help!

> * Bob Stayton <obof@fntruvyy.arg> [2005-02-03 23:41:25 -0800]:
> I downloaded these customization files and ran a test.  It turns out
> that chunk.xsl sets the root.filename parameter to "impnotes-top", and

it does _now_, starting yesterday.

> that is why your TOC file is named impnotes-top.html.  It still isn't
> using the id attribute on the book element.

actually, _before_ I started to set root.filename,
the TOC was already named on disk impnotes-top.html,
but it was referred to from the "<link>" and the navigation footer
as "index.html".

> In any case, the root.filename value is used for both the filename and
> for any links to that file.  In my test, the output file was named
> impnotes-top.html, and all the "Home" links in the footer used
> impnotes-top.html.  I don't see how your Home links could use
> index.html, using that stylesheet.

yes, now that I set root.filename, everything is fine,
EXCEPT that I still have to give an ID to the top-level <book> element.
if I don't I get a gensym ID in both impnotes-top.html in the chunked
version and impnotes.html in the single-file version.

This is why I still think that:

>> use.id.as.filename=1 should also make root.filename
>> default to the ID of the root element (<book> in my case).

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