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Subject: Eclipse Help toc generation: suppressing links?

In the eclipse.xsl stylesheet, the etoc template generates a nice toc.xml that can be used in an Eclipse Help plugin. I want to generate some toc groupings with just labels, no links. But eclipse.xsl 
always generates an href for each toc and topic - I don't see a way to turn that off.

The Eclipse documentation says that toc and topic elements can be used with no href attributes.
In the following example from Eclipse Help, the "Tasks" toc and "funTasks" topics are rendered as
labels in the toc hierachy.

    <toc label="Tasks">
       <topic id="plainTasks" label="Plain Stuff">
          <topic label="Task1" href="html/tasks/task1.html"/>
          <topic label="Task2" href="html/tasks/task2.html"/>
       <topic id="funTasks" label="Fun Stuff" >
          <topic label="Task3_1" href="html/tasks/task3_1.html"/>
          <topic label="Task3_2" href="html/tasks/task3_2.html"/>

That's the sort of structure I'd like to generate. Before I start hacking away at eclipse.xsl:

- Am I right that there's no way to generate the result I want using the stylesheet as is?

- Any (experience with|advice for) a reasonable customization? Since all my help topics are in sections,
   my thought is to suppress href links for anything above a section, and mark up anything else I want
   to suppress in the same way with a role attribute like "noTOClink".

   So my DocBook markup for the preceding example might look like this:

     <section id="plainTasks" role="noTOClink">
       <title>Plain Stuff</title>
     <section id="funTasks" role="noTOClink">
       <title>Fun Stuff</title>

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