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Subject: [no subject]

- chapter title font is no longer rendered in the=20
PDF at 20pt, but rather at about 14pt=20
(a default set somewhere else? ignoring font-size=3D"20pt"?).

- the space between the bottom of the chapter title=20
text and the 3pt rule beneath it changed from being=20
about 3pt (nice looking) to about 10pt (way too much,=20
looks bad).

I know it doesn't work, but I'm looking for something that would have =
the same affect as=20
to pull the rule up, but that may not be necessary if I can get the =
chapter title font-size back to 20pt.

I'm not saying that a bug was introduced between DocBook XSL versions =
1.65-1 and 1.66-0. I don't know that. Perhaps a bug was corrected and my =
customization layer is still trying to accommodate for a bug that no =
longer exists.

If necessary, the entire XSL customization layer is online at:

Any help is appreciated. Thanks,

Steve Whitlatch

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