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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] <sbr/> treatment in <cmdsynopsis>

# bobs@sagehill.net / 2005-02-10 10:35:03 -0800:
> It appears that sbr was never implemented in manpages/docbook.xsl.  The bug
> you are referring to was fixed in the HTML and FO stylesheets.  In
> manpages/docbook.xsl, you find:
> <xsl:template match="sbr" />
> which does nothing.  It should probably be something like:
> <xsl:template match="sbr">
>   <xsl:text>&#10;.br&#10;</xsl:text>
> </xsl:template>

    Yup, I found that as well, but got confused by the combination of
    nwalsh's comment and the apparent lack of change, and thought...
    Well, now that I *know* it's a problem I can push this patch into
    the FreeBSD port of docbook-xsl which is my primary interest ATM,
    but that's obviously suboptimal (other operating systems...).
    So, do I need to file a PR at the sf.net site or do the maintainers
    read this list? And when can I expect the fix to appear in a

    Also, the output of the stylesheet looks very inferior to that of
    man pages written by hand (excessive or missing whitespace, other
    bugs); how fast are reported bugs usually fixed? Is the man page
    stylesheet actively maintained? Widely used (I know only FreeBSD in
    this regard, and that system has man pages written "by hand")?

    Many questions from a newcomer, I know, but I would like to make
    a qualified decision whether I should kick the docbook source any
    further or just write the documentation with mdoc(7).


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