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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] <sbr/> treatment in <cmdsynopsis>

# smith@xml-doc.org / 2005-02-11 16:30:05 +0900:
> Roman Neuhauser <neuhauser@chello.cz> writes:
> For now, if you want to try the post-processing approach, I can
> try to extract it from the makefile I have it in and put it online
> somewhere (there is a bunch of other stuff in the makefile that's
> related to the specific project I made it for and that you won't
> have any need for).
    Thanks for your offer, but I'll turn it down for the moment.
    More below.

> Anyway, I will try to get some stylesheet changes checked in over
> the next couple of weeks. But if you need it quicker than that
> anand have XSLT chops and are willing to put some time into
> working on the stylesheets, I can add you to the project as a
> developer and you can make the fixes yourself :)

    The thing is, I'm only a tad more than just a dumb consumer when it
    comes to XSLT, and don't feel like throwing away my current
    programming ventures to spend a few weeks getting intimate with
    docbook processing (and the tool- / technology- chain is too heavy
    for drive-by hacking).

> >     Many questions from a newcomer, I know, but I would like to make
> >     a qualified decision whether I should kick the docbook source any
> >     further or just write the documentation with mdoc(7).
> Stick with DocBook, brother. You'll be a lot happier in the long
> run. I think the current limitations in the stylesheets are
> fixable, and in the mean time, you can definitely get around them
> by setting up some automated post-processing cleanup.

    Unfortunately, I need to be happy in the short and medium run as
    well. I need to produce a section 1 man page with a very complex
    synopsis very soon (that's one problem even if you guys could commit
    patches within 24 hours from reporting), and don't have the time to
    spend on fixing the excessive markup each time I regenerate the
    document (that's another problem).

    Don't take me wrong, if I didn't like docbook or didn't think it
    was the way to go I wouldn't be here, but as far as generating man
    pages is concerned, it's not ready. Here's another bug:


    I expected the formalpara's title to produce something to the effect
    of mdoc .Ss (subsection) macro, but the stylesheet eats the element

    I'm sticking with the groff mdoc macro set for the time being,
    but will keep an eye on the stylesheets, and will convert the
    documentation when the stylesheet works.

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