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Subject: another website olink pest: external olinks almost working, but notquite

boring details:-
- website v2.5.0
- docbook xsl v1.65.1 (downgraded due to the olink changes)
- saxon 6.5.3
- running process via Ant

i am making a test case of a typcial docbook website that contains 
internal olinks and olinks to an external book. all the internal stuff 
works fine, thanks to ansers to previous posts

my problem is that an olink to an external book has the wrong relative 
path, some details may help:-

everything is done in a single directory, say OUT_DIR, apart from a 
single 'book'
- all processes run with OUT_DIR as current directory
- all manual made files are copied into OUT_DIR
- all website generated files are written into OUT_DIR
- the target database for the book is written into OUT_DIR
- the book is chunked into OUT_DIR/bookid/

the generated URL in my website olink is 'ch02.html' instead of 

i know i've got most of it working because the gentext is right, but I 
can't figure out why the URL is wrong

when i generate the site without the $current.docid I get a message 
saying relative links can't be made, but it makes no difference if I 
pass in 'current.docid=bookid'

i'm sure i'm doing or not doing something really stupid, but can't 
figure out what, any help seriously appreciated

Ian Atkin

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