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Subject: special characters

Hi Lisa,

I have tested many special characters from the Unicode set, and the 
stylesheets are set up to use primarily characters in the Symbol font 
(other than regular text).  If you need to mark up any symbols such as 
arrows, notequal, upper / lowercase Greek, please do it like this :

	     <symbol role="symbolfont">&#x2190;</symbol>

This character, the left arrow, is also noted in the file 'isonum.ent' 
which I sent the link to yesterday. (Leading zero's don't matter).

<!ENTITY larr             "&#x02190;" ><!--LEFTWARDS ARROW -->

I would be glad to check any character for proper font use if you send 
them to me. HTML output nearly always works, but the PDF is much more 
restrictive.  For example &larr; doesn't work in PDF, but does in HTML.


Tristan J. Fiedler
Postdoctoral Fellow - Stein Lab
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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