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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Referencing figures withouth displaying their title


> Are you using any other stylesheet customizations besides the local.l10n.xml
> parameter?  In particular, is something being done with the mode named
> "is.autonumber"?  That mode determines whether a given element should be
> treated as numbered or not.
Bob helped me with that one off-list, I will summarize his findings for the list:

The cause of the error-messages was my use of the xrefstyle in some of my xrefs:
<xref linkend="mot" role="select: label"/>

Where 'mot' is the ID of a preface-element. Those don't have labels. It is possible to generate labels for  
other elements, e.g. figures and chapters, resulting in 'Figure 1.23' or 'Chapter 4'.
Since a preface and e.g. a IDied para don't have labels there is no xref-number context which results in the  

One could use <xref linkend="mot" role="select: title"/> to refer to preface.

best regards and thanks to Bob

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