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Subject: Title Page Layout in FO

Hi everybody,

I would like to layout my title pages in XSL-FO but I get stuck now.

Normally, title page for chapters or appendices appears like this:

  Chapter 1. Penguins

I know, it is possible to customize it with the files under common/*.xml 
(context name="title-numbered"). Unfortunatly this customization is 
limited. I would like to appear it like

  Chapter 1

or even


with a linebreak in between. I discovered the named template 
name="chapter.titlepage.recto" from titlepage.templates.xsl which applies 
the templates with mode="chapter.titlepage.recto.auto.mode".

My question is: Which is the best method to get the above desired result? 
Do I miss something obvious?


Thomas Schraitle <tom_schr@web.de>

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