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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Part of a book

Le dimanche 27 février 2005, Bob Stayton disait :

>When I test your part element with the 1.68.1 stylesheets, I get the
>line as follows:
>   First Part. My First part ..........
>And the part titlepage is as follows:
>   Part First Part. My First part

Hum... Strange.

>In the DocBook stylesheets, the "label" is just the number.  You have
>replaced the generated number with "First Part" by specifying the label
>attribute.  By default, the TOC just shows the number followed by the 
>the same behavior as for chapters.  On the title page, it generates the 
>"Part" followed by your label "First Part", followed by the title.

It doesn't work like that for me. I use eclispe with oxgenXML plugins.

With label as a number the Toc look like :

1. My First Part.............

and the first page of the first part is, centred :

My First Part

>You seem to be suggesting that you don't see "Part First Part".  Are
>using a customization?  Do you get the same behavior with the stock

I use a custonmization. And I get the same behavior without my

>If you want to eliminate the generated word "Part" on the titlepage,
>should customize the l10n gentext template with name="part" in the 
>"title".  You would remove the "Part " from its text attribute.

Ok. I've already "play" with l10n... :-)

Thanks for your help.

 Il vaut mieux mobiliser son intelligence sur des conneries 
 que mobiliser sa connerie sur des choses intelligentes.

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