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Subject: images and imageobject

>Hi everybody,
>I need  a formal figure with title and body together in a pdf page.
>Example with
>   <figure>
>          <title>Lista Clienti fornitori</title>
>          <mediaobject>
>            <imageobject>
>              <imagedata align="center" fileref="im_ch_2/001_clii_for.jpg"
>                         width="12cm" />
>            </imageobject>
>          </mediaobject>
>        </figure>
>a lot of times the pdf produced have the <title> in one page and the
><imageobject> in the next page. I use the FOP processor.
>There is a way to bring together title and figure?
>I have a single manual and two sources of images , one for windows
>and another one for macintosh.
>Can I use the role of mediaobject to select the two images when needed?
>Merci' beaucoup
>F. Luzio

F. Luzio

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