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Subject: Open Type Font and DocBook/XEP problem

Dear DocBook-users,

I tried to get the OTF font `Minion Pro' working with DocBook while using
XEP as FO processor. Als long as I don't use other fonts than Regular, Bold
and BoldItalic everything goes well. I can't get the many other fonts, e.g.
Caption, Condensed, Semibold, and so on, to work though.

Problem is that the `style' and `weight' attributes are not `enough' to
describe all possible fonts that are part of Adobe Minion Pro.
(Font-variant is not supported yet by the current version of XEP according
to the the table in their Reference Manual, although elswhere in the
bodytext this attribute is dealt with... Anyhow this still would not cover
all possible differnt fonts.) And creating other families like
MinionPro-Capt for the Caption font, doesn't work either as the family name
is MinionPro. Whatever I tried, the fonts are not found by the processor.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Kind regards,

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