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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook schema/DocBook XSL customization for teachingpurposes

Mike, thank your for an opinion

Michael Smith wrote:
> I personally would recommend adding new elements rather than using
> But if you decide to go with adding new elements, what you'll
> probably want to do is to create an XSL stylesheet to take doc
> instances with your custom elements and transform them into
> "standard" DocBook before you generate any output from them. That
> The reason to do it that way is that you then don't need to do any
> hacking of the DocBook XSL stylesheets.
Yes, I have considered that way before. But I still need to hack DocBook's XSL stylesheets 
to customize titleing and labeling (then "autoannotated" elements with custom roles) in 
HTML/PDF output, e.g <section role="exercise"> should give "Exercise 2.1: Title", rather 
plain section title.
So what reason then not to build customization layer right over DocBook's XSL styleets?

> And for creating the actual DocBook customization layer, I'd
> recommend using the RELAX NG "compact syntax" (*.rnc) version[1]
> of DocBook rather than the DTD.
Yes, it definitely useful, especially when DocBook NG is migrating into RELAX NG usage as 
core schema definition language.


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