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Subject: HTML link -> OOo footnote via DocBook?


I have a large XHTML 1.0 strict document that I would like to convert to 
a PDF in which the URLs in the links are placed in footnotes, for print 

I understand I can do this by converting my web page to DocBook, and 
there are tools available for this, and then to publish to PDF, but do 
you know whether it would be possible to instead to prepare 
OpenOffice.org documents from DocBook instead of PDF?

I want to do a bunch of fancy formatting that would be quite difficult 
to prepare through stylesheet customizations.

Alternatively, you can tell me that stylesheet customizations aren't 
that difficult anymore, so I don't need to use OOo, but the last time I 
tried, it was with the DSSSL stylesheets, and was quite painful.  I used 
DSSSL and Jade because at the time the XML tools weren't as mature.  Are 
they better now?

I also want to include some encapsulated postscript graphics, and some 
hi-res bitmaps.


Mike Crawford

     Read "GoingWare's Bag of Programming Tricks" at:

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