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Subject: Urgent help on Abstract +

Hi -

Urgent request.

Please could you let me know as to how I could suppress the "Abstract"
label from being displayed in the HTML file. Also, please let me know
what is wrong with my xml as the UNLINKS are not being parsed correctly.
I need the address to appear in a table or such sort with part of the
address in the left-aligned and part of it being right-aligned. I am
also getting a 
"No adjustColumnWidths function available. [390]" with the table.xsl
from docbook-xsl-1.68.1 with the Xalan processor. Instead of using the
Abstract element is it possible to use any other element to render this.

Please let me know as to how I could rectify these mistakes.

Thanks, and regards,

PS: Is it possible to put the title and address in a frameset.

Here is my xml code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE article SYSTEM "file:///C:/docbook44/docbookx.dtd">
  <article lang="en-US">
		<title>GT.M Version 5.0 Release Notes</title>
		<pubdate>23 February 2005</pubdate>
			<holder>Fidelity Information Services
			<title>Legal Notice</title>
                        <para>GT.M[tm] is a trademark of Fidelity
Information Services, Inc.</para>
                        <para>GT.M and its documentation are provided
pursuant to a license agreement containing restrictions on their use.
They are the copyrighted intellectual property of Fidelity Information
Services, Inc. and Sanchez Computer Associates, LLC (collectively
"Fidelity") and are protected by U.S. copyright law. They may not be
copied or distributed in any form or medium, disclosed to third parties,
or used in any manner not authorized in said license agreement except
with prior written authorization from Fidelity. </para>
                        <para>This document contains a description of
Fidelity products and the operating instructions pertaining to the
various functions that comprise the system.  It should not be construed
as a commitment of Fidelity. Fidelity believes the information in this
publication is accurate as of its publication date; such information is
subject to change without notice.  Fidelity is not responsible for any
inadvertent errors.</para>
                <informaltable frame="none">
                <tgroup cols="2">
                <colspec colname="c1" colwidth="10"/>
		    <colspec colname="c2" colwidth="10"/> 
                <entry align="left" valign="top">
                GT.M Group
                Fidelity Information Services, Inc.
                <street>40 Valley Stream Parkway</street>
                <city>Malvern, </city><state>PA </state><postcode>
19355, </postcode>
                <country>United States of America</country>
                <entry align="right" valign="top">
                <phone>GT.M Support: +1 (610) 578-4226</phone> 
                <phone>Switchboard: +1 (610) 296-8877 </phone>
                <fax>Fax: +1 (610) 296-7371 </fax>
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