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docbook-apps message

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Subject: Vex is a DocBook Application in active development.

Does anyone here know of a good source for discussion on CSS as it
relates to DocBook ?

I am revising CSS stylesheets for Vex support for docbook.

Should I ask questions here ?

I am using the on-line version of DocBook TDG as a source of
info w.r.t. processing expectations and construction of selectors.

I am also using DocBook XSL as a reference implementation for
my stylesheets.

My first pass has been to review the DocBook testdocs for their support
in Vex. This has helped me improve 'tag coverage'.

I now use Cocoon & Fop to render these documents for comparison to
visual styling with Vex.

Anyone interested in checking out Vex with me ?

Tables and Images are coming in the next release (May ?)

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