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Subject: divider feature


I have a model that makes a lot of customization of docbook at block and 
inline components level.
Nevertheless, these components needs, at least, to be formatted.

My application does the following :

docbook customized --> docbook plus @role customization --> whatever pdf or 

My problem :
In the intermediate docbook, the role is sometimes not enough and I need 
some kind of divider (as in HTML) for being able to apply formatting to a 
set of docbook components.

Which docbook element should I use ? I tried with note element 
customization but it becomes difficult to make the difference between real 
notes and "false" divider notes.

Any idea  on this kind of application ?

By the way and for information: I've decide even for other XML document 
models I manage and that are not based on docbook to even use docbook as an 
intermediate formatting model.
It is at this time only an engineering model but really interesting for 
reuse purpose: I can either format using XSL free stylesheet or comercial 
formatting tools such as Epic or framemaker, reusing a lot of engineering 
yet sut up in the commercial tool distribution.

Pierre Attar (mailto:pat@tireme.fr)
Consultant en informatique documentaire XML
Consultant in Structured Document engineering

Projet "Mutualiser l'effort de montée en compétences sur XML"

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