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Subject: Problems "compiling" Docbook 4.4 DTD into Wordperfect template


I  wonder  whether this is the right place to ask, so if it isn't just
say so and point me in the right direction...

In  oder  to  make  the  Docbook  4.4 DTD "compile" into a Wordperfect
Template,  I  had  to change certain things in the DTD and I wanted to
know whether what I did is likely to cause major problems.

The first change I had to make was to replace all notations defined as
"Public"  into  "System" in dbnotnx.mod. And I have absolutely no clue
what "Public" or "System" notations are...

The  next  change was to comment out the ISOgrk4.module in dbcentx.mod
in  lines  359-361 because the Wordperfect DTD compiler complained that
in line 41 of isogrk4.ent a hex value was too high.

Now if anyone could give me any insight about these issue...



Wolfgang Keller

P.S.: My From-address is correct

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