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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Example with "to much" titles in output

Michael Smith wrote:

 >You can do two-pass processing:
 >  - run xmllint --xinclude in your source to resolve Xincludes
 >  - feed the result of that to whatever XSLT engine you want
That's what I'm actually doing right now.

 >>So should I still file a bug (someone trying to find a
 >>workaround for xsltproc)?
 >I tested with (current) xsltproc too, and the result is fine.  So
 >I'm guessing you must be running a very old version of xsltproc.

No, my xsltproc is very up-to-date (perhaps I need to say, that I'm
running WinXP):

    Using libxml 20619CVS2407, libxslt 10114CVS1011 and libexslt 812CVS1011

As far as I know, this is the most recent version (I upgraded a week
ago, downloading the binaries from Zlatkovic's homepage), perhaps the
problem is exactly with this version.

Ah, I found an older version on my HD ... the packages are called
libxml2-2.6.17.win32.zip and libxslt-1.1.12+.win32.zip from march
2005. The problem with wrong title processing doesn't occur with this

    Using libxml 20617CVS2313, libxslt 10114CVS1011 and libexslt 812CVS1011

So one might be tempted to point this out as a bug in libxml/libxslt.


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