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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Javahelp browser shows no contents

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Peter Desjardins 

> When I try to open the help file, I see the messages pasted below and
> the JavaHelp browser shows no contents (but does display the document
> title at the top of the browser window).
> Am I misusing Javahelp?  Can anyone tell me what problem this message
> might be pointing to?  The source Docbook files are valid and I can
> generate HTML help successfully.
> ********
> C:\>java -jar %JAVAHELP_HOME%\demos\bin\hsviewer.jar -helpset
> C:\documentation\enterprise\guide\java
> help\deliverable\jhelpset.hs
> DocumentParser Error: Expecting a digit
> Parsing failed for
> file:C:/documentation/enterprise/guide/javahelp/deliverable/jh
> elptoc.xml

I vaguely remember seeing this error or something similar before. My guess
is that there is a problem with character references or entity references

Can you provide a small sample XML file that triggers the error + the faulty


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