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docbook-apps message

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Subject: ouch

Hi all,

I have been using docbook on and off for a while but this is my first
foray into trying to use it for production work.

I have used it for some opensource manuals where formatting wasn't so

Now I have a quickstart guide which is approx. 5 pages on B8 or B7

I was able to easily get the style sheet to use the correct paper size
but am left with a bunch of issues and challenges which I need to
resolve before I can even think of presenting a first draft.

As follows:

The default margins and font size run off the page.
	I changed the font and the margin so that my left margin is ok
	but the end of the line is cut off in the pdf. I feel I need
	to change something other than margin to get this one, I can't
	find a paragraph width style. Of course for html its a breeze
	I just do it all in the css...

I have read and googled and I just can't seem to get an image to
appear in the header, I assume it is something easy, but I see two
	1. <xsl:when test="$position = 'center'">
 	 	<fo:external-graphic content-height="1.2cm">
   	 	<xsl:attribute name="src">
     	 	<xsl:call-template name="fo-external-image">
       	 	<xsl:with-param name="filename" select="$header.image.filename"/>
	   from the Docbook XSL the complete guide

	2.  <fo:external-graphic src="/demudi/zolcall/meismallogo.png"/>
		from a google search- this list.

	3. I want to align the headings flush with the para's they

Theres more but to much in one email  my end me up in jail?

Thanks in advance for any newbie help.


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