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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Setting font color in tables and in the preface title

[I'm moving this over to docbook-apps where stylesheet issues are discussed]

There is no processing instruction for text color.  However, the stylesheets
have a template named 'table.cell.block.properties' that is called at the
start of the fo:block inside each table cell.  This is a template, not an
attribute set.  But the effect is the same: to add attributes to the
fo:block based on some conditional logic.  The context node for the template
is the entry element being processed, so you can check for a PI or use some
other test to output attributes.  See:


For the preface title, you can try adding a color attribute in the titlepage
spec file and generate a new titlepage templates module.   But preface,
chapter, and appendix all use the 'component.title' named template, and if
you customized that you could get the color on all of them.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
DocBook Consulting

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Zbyszek Cybulski" <z.cybulski@gmail.com>
To: "docbook" <docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2005 3:58 AM
Subject: [docbook-apps] Setting font color in tables and in the preface

> Hello,
> The DocBook XSL book (the chapter on formatting tables) explains how to
> apply different colors to the cell's or row's backround. But it doesn't
> explain how to change to color of the font in the print output. Is it
> done thru another processing instruction or maybe other way?
> I can't also figure out how to deal with the preface title. I need to
> change the font color in the print output since I want to have the
> preface, chapter and appendix titles styled in the same manner. Chapters
> and appendices were pretty easy but I'm stuck with the preface. Is it
> possible at all?
> I appreciate your help.
> -Zbyszek
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